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Onix Concrete Tiles.

Onix Concrete Tiles.

Concrete. A unique material with distinct, organic characteristics spanning a vast spectrum. Onix Concrete Tiles is a series of polished concrete wall & floor tiles designed to create refined, sophisticated spaces that accentuate the desirable qualities of concrete.

With an aim to produce tiles for every setting, Onix have developed a range of concrete tiles whereby multiple laying options can be achieved as well as customisable options for colour. The flexibility of the collection provides you with the opportunity to tailor a design to your individual project requirements. Ready for installation, Onix tiles provide a contemporary solution for all kinds of settings from residential to commercial spaces, both interior and exterior.

Concrete Tiles

Kew Concrete Tile


A large format square tile.

Pave Concrete Tile


A large format rectangle tile.

Flint Concrete Tile


A large format elongated rectangle tile.

Kite Concrete Tile


A large format diamond tile.

Hara Concrete Tile


A large format elongated hexagonal tile.



A large format trapezium tile.