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About Onix.

Concrete. A unique material with distinct, organic characteristics spanning a vast spectrum. Onix is a series of concrete tiles designed to create refined, sophisticated spaces that accentuate the desirable qualities of concrete.

With an aim to produce tiles for every setting, Onix have developed a range of concrete tiles whereby multiple laying options can be achieved as well as customisable options for colour. The flexibility of the collection provides you with the opportunity to tailor a design to your individual project requirements.

Ready for installation, Onix tiles provide a contemporary solution for all kinds of settings from residential to commercial spaces, both interior and exterior.

The Story.

Onix’s parent company Lowinfo was founded 21 years ago when London-trained fine art graduate Tim Bayes began exploring ways of using concrete in contemporary interiors. Working with this ‘liquid stone’ that was strong, durable and aesthetically pure, he was convinced that it could become the ideal material for interior surfaces and products.

Realising this vision took many years of development, researching and refining both the precise mix of the concrete and the complex casting process. Tim has grown his team and continued to innovate, pushing the envelope of how concrete can be used. As well as KAST & HAUS, ONIX is a product of all these years of experience, condensed into a range of contemporary and sophisticated concrete tiles.

Designed in Nottinghamshire and crafted by experts in concrete technology, Onix straddle the divide between the creative craft and the machine modern, delivering a range of products that marry high end design with exceptional performance.

Relentless in the pursuit of design excellence and high performance products, Onix is now a company sought-after by architects across the world looking for bespoke, cutting-edge concrete solutions. Suitable for any commercial, residential or domestic development, Onix tiles offer a solution for all whether small scale or large.

That’s why when concrete is specified, the natural choice is to choose Onix.

The Material.

Concrete by nature will be different every time it is cast. Though manufactured, concrete is derived largely from naturally occurring materials. In the process of producing concrete there are a vast range of different ingredients that make up the mix including aggregates, sand, water, additives and pigments.

Achieving consistent mixes with our specially developed blends of cements, admixtures, aggregates and tints is a highly skilled process, however due to the nature of the material there may be variations in colour and surface texture. This means that slight shade variation should be expected between batches and should be taken into consideration when determining the layout of the tiles to ensure an even distribution.

Much like a natural stone or timber, concrete will naturally patina over time and will evolve depending on the usage and surroundings. The organic idiosyncrasies of concrete are an integral part of the character and aesthetic appeal of the material and should be embraced.

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